Thrum Hall XIII


Sporting Heritage Project to celebrate and preserve 112 years of history at Thrum Hall
Presentation of the 13 most influential players to play at Thrum Hall as voted by the local community and selection panel
Capture of memories and stories from past players, coaches, administrators, support staff and supporters
Collection of historical artifacts and past memorabilia
Mobile Museum to visit over 7000 children in Calderdale
Static Museum to house club memorabilia

The Thrum Hall XIII is a project, funded by the National Heritage Lottery, to promote the history of the 112 years that Halifax RLFC played at Thrum Hall. To do this we are looking to select the 13 most influential players to have represented Halifax during this time. Not as a team from 1 – 13 per se, but simply those whose contributions have had the greatest impact.

Nobody of school age was born at the time of the last match at Thrum Hall, so one of our major aims is to pass on memories and experiences to that newer generation. This will involve taking the project into primary and secondary schools, by integrating our work with current curriculum guidelines.

As well as going into schools, we are looking at taking the project out on the road into communities. This could be in community centres, at fairs/fetes, charity events, rugby clubs, etc. In addition, we are looking at finding a permanent home for the artefacts, memorabilia and a homage to the Thrum Hall XIII.

Having appointed a team leader and two co-ordinators, we will soon be looking to involve the wider public in the role of volunteers. This may be working on the archives, preparing packages for schools/communities or the actual delivery of the project. Exciting times are ahead!

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